Ratas: Repinski must disprove suspicions raised by the press ({{commentsTotal}})

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According to Prime Minister Jüri Ratas, it is the job of the new Minister of Rural Affairs Martin Repinski to clarify that he has not erred as as a business-owner.

Wednesday’s issue of weekly Eesti Ekspress brought the attention of the public to issues with the goat farming business owned by Repinski.

According to Ratas, Repinski has admitted to him that his business has had and continues to have payment difficulties and promised to try to solve them in the near future, reported ETV news broadcast "Aktuaalne kaamera."

"I have spoken with Minister of Rural Affairs Martin Repinski the day before yesterday, yesterday as well as today and stated very clearly that these testimonies or suspicions which have been raised in the media are serious, they need to be disproven, they need to be explained and there isn’t much time for this," said Ratas on Wednesday.

The weekly paper also reported that while Konju Organic Farm goat cheese, marketed as "Made in Estonia," is sold all over the country, the farm, owned by Repinski, actually orders part of its goat cheese from Dutch firm De Molkerei.

Repinski claimed on Wednesday’s broadcast of "Ringvaade" that he did not admit to any fraud. "Those who bought our cheese made from raw materials [brought in] from the Netherlands ordered it and wanted it and there was no deception involved here," said the new minister, confirming that no Dutch goat cheese had been sold at his store in Tallinn.

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