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U.S. soldiers in Estonia.
U.S. soldiers in Estonia. Source: (

Top officials of the British, French, and Danish defense ministries met in Estonia on Thursday to coordinate preparations connected with the increasing allied presence in the country, BNS reported on Saturday.

Necessary activities as well as leadership and legal issues connected with the arrival of the NATO combat group were discussed at the meeting. Estonia as the host country of a combat group is obliged to guarantee its support of the units to the contributing countries, and to develop the necessary infrastructure, the Estonian Ministry of Defence commented.

“NATO’s increased presence is a clear expression of the allies’ unity, determination, and capability, showing that the alliance can protect its residents and territory against any possible aggression,” deputy secretary general of the Ministry of Defence for defense policy, Miko Haljas, said.

According to Haljas, the preparations are going as planned and are on schedule.

Representatives of the Estonian Defence Forces (EDF) and US Army Europe command ceremonially opened a newly completed US military-built part of the inftrastructure in Tapa on Thursday. A total of 27 US-financed projects costing 11.2 million dollars have been completed at Tapa Army Base and Estonia’ Central Training Area (Keskpolügoon). These projects were completed as a result of joint planning and coordination on the part of the Europe District of the US Army Corps of Engineers, the US Army Europe, and the Estonian Ministry of Defence.

The completed infrastructure upgrades, including shooting ranges, garages, a car wash and a railway platform located near the army base for unloading military equipment, are meant to improve training conditions as well as to help ensure logistical support at the Estonian military base.

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Source: BNS, ERR