Interior minister: Threat level not raised, but visibility of security forces increased ({{commentsTotal}})

Minister of the Interior Andres Anvelt (SDE).
Minister of the Interior Andres Anvelt (SDE). Source: (ERR)

According to Minister of the Interior Andres Anvelt (SDE), Estonia’s special services and police chiefs decided in a meeting on Tuesday morning not to raise the terror threat level, though for increased visibility of the security forces, patrols would be intensified.

Anvelt also pointed out that the police was looking at traffic in Tallinn using its cameras. This way, anomalies hinting at a potential security threat could be identified.

The minister also said that there had been warnings months ago already that the danger of terrorist attacks could intensify towards Christmas. “But it was expected for Strasbourg rather than Berlin. And this shows again that not a single European city is safe from terror attacks,” Anvelt said.

A truck driven at speed into a Christmas market in Berlin on Monday killed at least 12 and injured another 48. Police arrested a suspect, a 23-year-old Pakistani, but later confirmed that they had the wrong man.

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