Major retail chains report drop in alcohol sales this holiday season ({{commentsTotal}})

The country’s major retail chains said their customers were buying less alcohol this Christmas season than they had in previous years, BNS reported on Friday.

“This can be felt particularly in strong alcoholic beverages. While the impact on sales is biggest in stores located near the border, overall consumption has declined as well,” Monika Kaljusaar, spokesperson for retailer Rimi, told BNS.

Spokespeople for Maxima and Coop observed that while traditional Christmas products, such as blood sausage, jellied meat, sauerkraut and mandarins were selling at a good rate, a decline had been observed in alcohol sales compared to the previous year.

White wine and cocktails attracted the interest of Estonian residents the most during the run-up to the holidays, Maxima spokesperson Katja Ljubobratets told BNS. “The peak in the sale of sparkling wines will come next week. Generallly speaking, the sale of the these beverages, just like that of strong alcohol, is on a downward trend,” she added.

Of the retailers interviewed by BNS, only Selver reported an increase in alcohol sales before the holidays. “Increases were observed both in strong and low-alcohol beverages, but the rates of growth are smaller than in principal foodstuffs,” Selver spokesman Karl-Villiam Vaserik told BNS.

Still, the retailers expect their sales in the ongoing holiday season to surpass the figures for 2015. Vaserik said that Selver expected to report its highest year-end holiday season revenue of all time this year.

Editor: Editor: Dario Cavegn

Source: BNS