Handover of new ferry Tõll in Poland delayed until first week of January ({{commentsTotal}})

The ferry Tõll.
The ferry Tõll. Source: (praamid.ee)

The delayed handover of the Estonian ferry Tõll at Poland's Remontowa Shipyard will take place during the first week of January, after which it is expected to enter into service during the second half of the month.

While initial plans called for the handover of the Tõll at the Polish shipyard before Christmas, the Estonian team was brought home for the Christmas holidays after these plans were delayed. Part of the team returned to Poland on Dec. 27, however, and the remainder will follow during the first days of 2017 as the Tõll is expected to depart from Remontowa Shipyard in approximately one week.

TS Laevad board member Kaido Padar told ERR's online news portal that the Tõll's handover should become clear within the next few days. "I wouldn't want to bring the men home again without the ship," he commented.

According to the most recent plans, the Tõll will depart from Poland on Jan. 5 or 6. "It will come quickly; it will get here in two days," said Padar.

The Tõll should thereafter enter into service on the Virtsu-Kuivastu line connecting Saaremaa to the Estonian mainland sometime during the second half of January.

The second ferry to be built by Turkey's Sefine Shipyard, the Tiiu, will reach the water trial phase, which should take up to a month and a half, by the first week of January. If everything goes according to plan, the Tiiu will begin making its way toward Estonia in mid-February and should arrive in Estonia by mid-March. The Tiiu will be the second new ferry to begin serving the Rohuküla-Heltermaa line connecting the island of Hiiumaa to the mainland.

The second Polish-built ferry, the Piret, which will join the Tõll in serving the Virtsu-Kuivastu line, should reach Estonia by late March.

According to Padar, all four of TS Laevad's new ferries are expected to be in service by the end of March.

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