Monthly unemployment insurance benefit capped at 1,348€ in 2017 ({{commentsTotal}})

Beginning in 2017, the total unemployment insurance benefit will be capped at 1,347 euros and 57 cents per month, up from last year’s 1,303 euros and 86 cents, with the minimum payout per 31 calendar days set at 222 euros and 27 cents and a minimum daily rate of 7 euros and 17 cents, the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund (EUIF) said in a press release.

The benefit ceiling is calculated based on three times the average daily pay in Estonia, which is 28 euros and 98 cents for 2017. This figure is calculated annually by the EUIF based on unemployment insurance payouts from the previous year.

According to Estonian law, the size of the unemployment insurance benefit during the first 100 days of payments is 50 percent and thereafter 40 percent of the insured individual’s average pay per calendar day in the nine months of employment preceding the three months prior to becoming unemployed.

The daily rate, which is calculated as three times the average daily pay in Estonia during the previous calendar year, is capped for 2017 at 43 euros and 47 cents for the first 100 days and 34 euros and 78 cents thereafter.

The number of persons covered by the EUIF was 608,088 in 2016, up by 1,089 compared to 2015.

Also beginning Jan. 1, the daily rate for unemployment allowance increased from 4 euros and 41 cents per day in 2016 to 4 euros and 86 cents. The maximum allowance for 31 calendar days is capped at 150 euros and 66 cents.

Editor: Editor: Aili Vahtla