Lux Express’ buses driving across Russian border again ({{commentsTotal}})

Lux Express coach at Tallinn's main bus station.
Lux Express coach at Tallinn's main bus station. Source: (Siim Lõvi/ERR)

The buses of Lux Express Estonia driving on the Tallinn-St. Petersburg route are now crossing the Russian border again, and passengers no longer need to get off to cross the border on foot. All trips were taking place as scheduled, the company reported on Thursday afternoon.

“We were able to reorganize logistics so that all trips take place from the point of departure to the destination. Over the last two days passengers of Lux Express had to cross the border on foot, but as of today that’s no longer necessary,” the company’s sales manager, Sander Lõhmus, said.

The company was dealing with the problem a day at a time, he added. Due to the unexpected suspension of its international carrier license by the Russian authorities, no departures have been canceled so far, but the company’s cross-border operations were seriously hampered, making replacement buses necessary on the Russian side.

“The Tallinn-St. Petersburg line has up to 1,000 passengers every day, and because of that the quick reorganization of logistics was quite a challenge for us. The work to find a solution went on around the clock. But despite the exceptional circumstances we managed to take all passengers to their destination yesterday as well, and Lux Express’ buses on the Tallinn-St. Petersburg route are again running from the point of departure to the destination,” Lõhmus said.

On Monday Lux Express received a notification from Russian authorities that the license of its Russian subsidiary, ZAO Evrolains, had been temporarily revoked in connection to shortcomings in the company’s operations which, Lõhmus stressed, had at no point prevented them from offering a safe service.

ZAO Evrolains had been notified on Dec. 26 of some minor shortcomings in its service and was given three months to resolve them. According to Lõhmus, the suspension of the Russian company's license on Jan. 2 came as a surprise to them.

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Source: BNS