Estonia clears border lakes for ice fishing ({{commentsTotal}})

The Estonian Border Guard has cleared the coinjoined Lakes Peipus and Lämmijärv as well as the Narva reservoir, all of which are situated on the Estonian-Russian border, for ice fishing both on foot and by vehicle.

On Lake Peipus, ice fishers are forbidden from approaching river and stream entrances within a distance of 150 meters in Southern Estonia and within a distance of 500 meters in Ida-Viru County. Also off-limits are the area between Uhtinina and Piirissaare as well as an area off the southeastern tip of the island of Piirissaare.

Fishers are permitted onto the ice of Lake Pskov as well as onto Lakes Vaniku, Kriiva and Pabra on foot only. Ice conditions on Lake Pattina have deteriorated, however, and the lake is off-limits to ice fishers beginning Tuesday.

Border guards have begun installing markers of the border area regime on the border lakes' ice at intervals of 200 meters.

Ice fishers are also advised to reister their arrival and departure from the ice via the online app available at or at the nearest border guard base.

Editor: Editor: Aili Vahtla

Source: BNS