Estonia approves conditions for applying for agricultural crisis support worth €16m ({{commentsTotal}})

On Tuesday, the Estonian Minister of Rural Affairs approved the conditions for applying for agricultural crisis support, funded by the EU and Estonia, totaling 16.2 million euros. Applications for the support, which is open to farmers who had cows at the beginning of December or pigs at the beginning of May, will be open as of Jan. 30.

The state is to pay up to 16.2 million euros of crisis support this year to milk and pork producers who are experiencing hard times. Of the support, 79 percent is to be paid out to dairy cattle owners and 21 percent to pork producers, the ministry said.

Support can be sought for each dairy cow kept as of Dec. 1, 2016 or pig kept by a pork producer as of May 1, 2016.

"The aim of paying crisis support is to support the dairy and pork sectors, which are experiencing some rough times, and through that help the market stabilize," Minister of Rural Affairs Tarmo Tamm (Center) was quoted by spokespeople as saying. "The European Commission has allocated a total of 8.08 million euros to Estonia for extraordinary aid and the state has contributed the same sum."

The support to be paid out is 27.24 euros per animal for pigs in zone 3 of the control of the spread of African swine fever (ASF) in 2016 and 22.52 euros per pig who had been in the zone since 2015, while 13.62 euros will be paid per sow and eight euros per pig in other regions. The state will also pay approximately 153 euros per dairy cow.

Applications for support can be submitted from Jan. 30 to Feb. 8.

Editor: Editor: Aili Vahtla

Source: BNS

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