Gas jumps to over €1.22 even before excise duty hike applied ({{commentsTotal}})

Bigger fuel sellers increased their prices to over €1.20 per liter on Thursday, however Statoil confirmed that this increase was not the result of Wednesday's fuel excise duty hike.

An increase on fuel excise duty went into effect in Estonia on Wednesday and one day later, larger fuel sellers Statoil, Olerex, Alexela and Neste all increased their prices per liter.

Gas prices in Tallinn are currently €1.224 for regular gas and diesel alike; prior to the duty hike, prices were below €1.20 per liter.

Meelis Migur, motor fuels sales director for Statoil Eesti, however, confirmed to ERR that Thursday's jump in gas prices had to do with global markets, not Wednesday's duty hike. How quickly gas prices would climb as a result of the latter would depend on just how more expensive fuel would be rolled out from excise warehouses.

The excise duty increased to 5.4 cents per liter on diesel and 5.6 cents per liter on gas.

Editor: Editor: Aili Vahtla

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