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"Three times the fun" Source: (ERR)

A full-page advert that appeared in daily Postimees on Monday suggests to families that a third child is “three times the fun”. The not-for-profit behind the advert is supported mainly by the same businessmen who donated a record sum to Estonia’s biggest political parties last year, asking them to tackle the problem of the country’s low birth rate.

“The campaign was arranged for a simple reason, namely to raise people’s awareness of the important raise in the support for large families starting Jul. 1. Getting €500 instead of the €200 so far is a very important difference already for a family with three children, or one that is thinking about having a third, and even more so for bigger families,” Tanel Paas, who is a member of the foundation’s management board, told ERR on Monday morning.

According to Paas, the foundation is planning to run more adverts also on TV, online, and outdoors.

Asked if the foundation was supported by the same businessmen that had donated a record €800,000 to the largest political parties last year, Paas said this was indeed the case.

In December last year, owners of Bigbank, Parvel Pruunsild and Vahur Voll, owner of Eesti Meedia as well as other large holdings Margus Linnamäe, large shareholder in LHV Group Heldur Meerits, Skype co-creator Jaan Tallinn, CEO of IT company Nortal Priit Alamäe, large shareholder in Vestman Group Aivar Berzin, and owner of ACE Logistics Group Karli Lambot all donated money.

Every one of the eight businessmen donated €28,000 to each of the parties in the governing coalition, and another €16,000 to the opposition’s leading Reform Party.

The reason for the generous donation was that they hoped politicians would now take the necessary steps towards solving Estonia’s population problem. To make the country economically sustainable, it was elementary to create incentives supporting a higher birth rate.

The previous government, consisting of the Reform Party, the Social Democrats (SDE), and the Pro Patria and Res Publica Union (IRL) decided in 2015 to support families with three children with €400 a month starting Jul. 1, 2017. The current government, with the Center Party replacing the Reform Party, has increased this amount to €500.

Editor: Dario Cavegn

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