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Tallinn deputy mayor Arvo Sarapuu (Center). Source: (Tallinna TV)

Tallinn deputy mayor Arvo Sarapuu (Center) is apparently connected to the city’s garbage disposal business through his son-in-law, who runs the Sarapuu family’s bus company ATKO. Garbage disposal and awarding contracts to the companies busy with it falls into Sarapuu’s competency.

According to weekly Eesti Ekspress, OÜ Baltuc Waste Management (BWM) won the city’s last two garbage disposal tenders. BWM’s owner, Kaido Laanjärv, worked in Tallinn’s development planning department in the early 2000s, where his supervisor was Sarapuu’s son-in-law and CEO of ATKO, Margo Tomingas.

As Ekspress points out, BWM has dominated Tallinn’s garbage disposal business since it was founded. To win the city tenders, the company didn’t actually have to make the most competitive offer, which otherwise is common practice in Estonia.

For example, for Tallinn’s Lasnamäe borough AS Keskkonnateenused, a company that has been in business for 20 years, made the most competitive offer. Still, BWM won. A similar situation developed in Nõmme, where a subsidiary of Keskkonnateenused also lost to BWM.

The paper has information that apparently shows that the connections between Tomingas, ATKO, and BWM are recent, close, and very varied.

Ekspress is able to confirm that Tomingas is involved in the business of BWM, and that he has bought garbage trucks for the company. Tiina Ross, who has made her career in Sarapuu’s businesses, is also involved, and BWM’s trucks are maintained and parked on the territory of the Sarapuu family’s bus company, ATKO.

None of the people involved was ready to confirm their involvement to the paper, including Sarapuu, who earlier denied any connection to BWM when asked by the media.

Editor: Dario Cavegn

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