Going on Lake Peipus ice prohibited beginning Saturday ({{commentsTotal}})

Ice fishers on Lake Peipus.
Ice fishers on Lake Peipus. Source: (Postimees/Scanpix)

As of Saturday, both foot and vehicular traffic will be prohibited altogether on the ice of Lake Peipus as warmer weather has caused the ice to become fragile, making for dangerous conditions.

Marek Klaus, senior superintendent of the Police and Border Guard's (PPA) South Prefecture, said that ice conditions have deteriorated rapidly and border guards have had to help a number of ice fishers in distress to shore in recent days.

"Over the next two days, recreational ice fishers will have the opportunity to undertake the last rounds of fishing on Lake Peipus," said Klaus. "Beginning Saturday, going onto the lake ice both by means of transport and by foot will be prohibited."

The senior superintendent noted that as ice conditions can change rapidly, the police recommend checking up on specific conditions, including where larger holes and cracks have appeared and where the ice has become thin, immediately prior to heading out onto the lake ice.

Ice conditions can be reviewed online on the police homepage and conditions at multiple points along Lake Peipus can likewise be previewed via webcam.

Editor: Aili Vahtla