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Free Party MP Artur Talvik.
Free Party MP Artur Talvik. Source: (Siim Lõvi/ERR)

According to Free Party MP Artur Talvik, the key issue in the upcoming local elections will be the confrontation between independent local politics and party politics even if party affiliation is not important at the local level.

"Members of the Free Party will be running on the lists of electoral alliances as members of their communities; we will not put up party lists this year," Talvik said in a press release.

In his words, parties ward off electoral alliances and cause ideological wars instead of local debates. "Party affiliation does not matter at the local level," he said. "What matters is the will and skill to develop one's town or municipality based on its specific features. Half a year ahead of local elections, the Center Party and Reform Party are pushing for major confrontations that kill off local issues and render the election campaign devoid of content."

Free Party extended board member Kaul Nurm said that the party had begun renewing its program and that the democracy-strengthening plan discussed at Saturday's meeting of the extended board was a part of it.

"The Free Party wants Estonian citizens to be able to influence in a real way the activity and decisions of those in power," Nurm remarked. "Increasing discontent could otherwise grow into physical protest."

Among other things, the party's democracy-strengthening plan foresees curbing party politicization and reinforcing the fight against corruption as well as opening up political competition and increasing the role of the popular initiative, the extended board member highlighted.

The final version of the democracy program will be submitted for endorsement to the party's general meeting in April.

The extended board of the Free Party convened in Järva County's Türi-Alliku on Saturday in order to discuss issues with democracy as well as local life in light of the local elections to take place this October.

Editor: Aili Vahtla

Source: BNS