IRL demands immigration audit ({{commentsTotal}})

Mart Nutt.
Mart Nutt. Source: (ERR)

The parliamentary group of the Pro Patria and Res Publica Union (IRL) wants stricter regulations for the acceptance of refugees, a review of the effects so far of the European Union’s distribution plan, and explanations why refugees have a hard time finding work and adapting to life in Estonia.

Kalle Muuli, a member of IRL’s parliamentary group, made a comment to the effect on social media on Monday, and the party’s public relations officer, Kristiina Herodes, confirmed that the group demanded an audit in the area of integration.

According to MP Mart Nutt (IRL), the party has always insisted that refugees settling in Estonia needed to respect the Estonian cultural space. “The strict migration policy needs to continue. But the acceptance criteria need to be reviewed, and if needed made more specific. Because of this, IRL’s parliamentary group has proposed to the government that an audit be conducted in April that could analyze immigrants’ integration into Estonian society,” Nutt said.

Chairman of IRL’s parliamentary group, Priit Sibul, said he hoped that the audit would make it to the cabinet within about a month.

Editor: Dario Cavegn