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Edgar Savisaar is facing charges for embezzlement, graft, having accepted illegal political donations, misappropriation of public funds, and money laundering.
Edgar Savisaar is facing charges for embezzlement, graft, having accepted illegal political donations, misappropriation of public funds, and money laundering. Source: (ERR)

According to an expert opinion given by Jaan Eha, head of the Cardiology Clinic of the Tartu University Hospital, former Center Party chairman and suspended mayor of Tallinn, Edgar Savisaar, is not fit to take part in a trial, where he stands accused of graft, embezzlement, and having accepted illegal political donations.

"Due to his health condition, Edgar Savisaar is not capable of participating in a trial without this entailing the danger of life-threatening complications or sudden death. An expert is definitely not in a position to assess whether termination of legal proceedings is justified legally, but can only list the circumstances related to the health condition and offer an assessment of them,” Eha’s opinion read. Savisaar published the doctor’s assessment on Facebook.

Eha also pointed out that Savisaar has been diagnosed with several illnesses that are not curable. He had also suffered a heart attack, and one of his lower limbs had been amputated. While each of these conditions alone usually posed a major problem to the doctor and the patient alike, Savisaar suffered from at least six of them at once, Eha pointed out.

The doctor also said that Savisaar used at least ten different drugs on a regular basis to keep these serious illnesses in check.

Eha cited cases from Savisaar's health history where the patient had to be hospitalized because of a deterioration of his health condition as a result of stress. He also said that as a result of the long period of illness, Savisaar suffered from a deterioration in cognitive capabilities characteristic of patients with such a long history of illness. Savisaar suffered from a substantial reduction in physical and mental capacity for work, rapid fatigue, and slow recovery from fatigue.

Constant tension would aggravate Savisaar’s health problems

"Constant mental tension will definitely aggravate the course of the serious illnesses that Edgar Savisaar is suffering from and may cause life-threatening complications," said Eha, who according to Savisaar has been familiar with his health condition since 2003 when he underwent heart surgery following a heart attack.

"Maybe the opinion of Eha MD makes it clearer what situation I'm in. It is a pity that the court didn't deem it necessary to include this renowned physician in the body of experts," Savisaar said on Facebook.

On Thursday the Harju County court did rule in a corruption case against Savisaar, as an expert evaluation of Savisaar's state of health still needed to be obtained, but opened the way for the trial of the rest of the accused.

On Apr. 11, the court issued an order for Edgar Savisaar to undergo an examination by an expert committee to determine whether or not Savisaar suffered from an irreparable serious illness, and if so whether or not he is able to stand trial.

According to Estonian law, the examination will have to be carried out by experts of the Estonian Forensic Science Institute (EKEI), which will have to inform the court as soon as possible of the approximate time of completion of the expert report.

The court rejected a request by attorneys for defendants Alexander Kofkin, Aivar Tuulberg, and Hillar Teder for the statement of charges to be returned to the prosecutor's office. The court found that there are no grounds to return the charges.

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Source: BNS

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