Estonia to take over presidency of Baltic Assembly from Latvia

At the end of the annual session of the interparliamentary Baltic Assembly in Riga on Friday, Latvia will hand over the presidency of the assembly to Estonia.


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    Opinion digest: Kremlin in danger of losing sense of reality (3)

    According to Ingo Mannteufel, head of the Department for Russia and Europe at Deutsche Welle, there is a possibility of the Kremlin starting to believe its own propaganda, which could lead to dangerous decisions both domestically and internationally.

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    Opinion digest: Estonia’s stagnating politics

    Estonia’s largest political parties had been going through the most serious crisis in their existence, and on top of that they had lost their most important function, namely to formulate a vision of the country’s future, daily Postimees wrote in its Friday editorial.

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    Opinion digest: Putin exploiting power vacuum created by U.S. presidential elections (1)

    According to director of Tallinn’s International Centre for Defence and Security and former ambassador to Russia, Jüri Luik, the increased tensions over the past few weeks between Russia and the West indicate Putin’s wish to exploit the ambiguous mood before the U.S. presidential elections as much as possible.



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