Defense chief: Protection afforded to those who protect themselves

24.02.17 ... Estonia was a member of the world’s mightiest military alliance, thanks to the fact that it had always wanted and known how to defend itself, the commander of the Estonian Defence Forces, Gen. Riho Terras, said in his address on the occasion of this year’s Independence Day parade.

Ratas on Independence Day: Estonia is our shared home

24.02.17 ... Speaking on Thursday at Vanemuine Concert Hall in Tartu, Prime Minister Jüri Ratas (Center) called on Estonians to understand that their country could become a better place only if everybody held together, and worked together toward common goals.

Independence Day: Flag hoisted on Pikk Hermann tower

24.02.17 ... The first festive event of the 99th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia was hoisting the flag on the Pikk Hermann tower on Tallinn’s Toompea Hill at sunrise.

Putin congratulates Estonia ahead of Independence Day

23.02.17 ... Russian President Vladimir Putin has congratulated his Estonian counterpart Kersti Kaljulaid on the occasion of Estonia's Independence Day, the Russian Embassy in Estonia shared on social media on Thursday.

Estonian deputy minister of EU affairs meets with ministers in Vilnius

23.02.17 ... Estonian Deputy Minister for EU Affairs Matti Maasikas met with a number of Lithuanian ministers and colleagues in Vilnius on Wednesday, where topics related to the presidency of the EU, Brexit and the Eastern Partnership were discussed.

Gallery: President Kaljulaid lays wreath on grave of Konstantin Päts

23.02.17 ... President Kersti Kaljulaid laid a wreath on the grave of the first President of the Republic of Estonia Konstantin Päts in a ceremony held at Tallinn's Forest Cemetery.

Tsahkna signs defense ministry's 2018-2021 development plan

23.02.17 ... The 2018-2021 development plan of the Ministry of Defence's area of government calls for the development of armored maneuver capability, a cyber command, the introduction of a new primary rifle and the development of training areas.

Traffic to be restricted during dress rehearsal, parade in Tallinn

23.02.17 ... Traffic around Tallinn's Freedom Square will be significantly restricted on Thursday evening and Friday morning due to the dress rehearsal and Independence Day parade.

Commission: Estonia has one of best performing labor markets in EU

23.02.17 ... The European Commission said in its annual analysis published on Wednesday that while Estonia has one of the best performing labor markets in the EU, certain factors might reduce the country's competitive ability.

Riigikogu ratifies Estonian-Indian prisoner transfer agreement

22.02.17 ... The Riigikogu ratified the prisoner transfer agreement between Estonia and India on Wednesday; India has already ratified the agreement.

Gallery: US Navy cruiser USS Hué City arrives in Tallinn

22.02.17 ... USS Hué City (CG 66), a Ticonderoga-class guided missile cruiser serving in the U.S. Navy, arrived in Tallinn on Wednesday, where it will remain berthed at the Old City Harbour through the end of the week.

Ratas: Reps gave newspaper 'misinformation' about interview with Sputnik Updated 04:02

22.02.17 ... While two opposition parties have expressed doubts regarding Mailis Reps' suitability to continue in her position as Minister of Education and Research after lying to the public, Prime Minister Jüri Ratas does not agree.

Ivanova: Savisaar personally requested Lasnamäe nomination

22.02.17 ... Olga Ivanova, head of the Lasnamäe chapter of the Center Party, said that she acted on Edgar Savisaar's personal request in nominating the former longtime party chairman for the top spot on the party's ticket in Lasnamäe in the October local elections.

Survey: Estonians trust police, defense forces most, politicians least

22.02.17 ... People in Estonia trust the police, the Estonian Defence Forces and television the most, the results of a survey commissioned by the European Commission and conducted by Kantar Emor show.

Independence Day weekend: Additional ferry journeys announced

22.02.17 ... Because of the coming Independence Day weekend, island ferry company TS Laevad has announced 18 additional trips to Hiiumaa and Saaremaa. Thursday is a shortened workday in Estonia, and Friday is Independence Day.

EU and ministry to invest €1.8 million in e-Police system

22.02.17 ... The European Union and the Ministry of the Interior will invest €1.8 million in the third stage of the development of Estonia’s new e-Police system. According to the ministry, e-Police will be faster, more practical, and include more information than the dated current system.

Court: Adoption by same-sex couple must be entered in register

22.02.17 ... The Tallinn administrative court judged earlier this month that the Interior Ministry had to make the according entry in the population register of an adoption by a same-sex couple living in a registered partnership.

Reps declines to answer directly regarding denial of Sputnik interview

21.02.17 ... Estonian Minister of Education and Research Mailis Reps (Center) has declined to provide a direct answer to a question from BNS regarding why she denied having given an interview to Russian propaganda channel Sputnik.

Estonian intelligence chief warns of provocations targeting NATO soldiers

21.02.17 ... Russia will target British troops to be deployed to Estonia in order to discredit the NATO mission to reinforce its eastern flank, Estonian intelligence chief Mikk Marran told British daily The Times in an interview.

Military from 7 countries to take part in Independence Day parade

21.02.17 ... Members of the defense forces of seven countries are set to participate in the military parade to be held in Tallinn on the occasion of the 99th anniversary of the proclamation of the Republic of Estonia on Feb. 24.

Hardly any of Estonia’s local governments using adequate database systems

21.02.17 ... In a report published on Tuesday assessing how Estonia’s local government councils use IT systems to process data, the National Audit Office found that plenty of the country’s municipalities don’t pass even the most rudimentary compliance inspections.

President to take weeklong vacation following Independence Day

21.02.17 ... Following Independence Day on Friday, President Kersti Kaljulaid will be going on a weeklong family vacation.

Over 400 people call anti-human trafficking helpline in 2016

21.02.17 ... Human trafficking-related crime is on the rise in Estonia, where 15 such crimes were registered last year, half of which involved international human trafficking.

Trump sends congratulation note to Kaljulaid

21.02.17 ... U.S. president Donald Trump has sent President Kersti Kaljulaid his congratulations on the occasion of the upcoming 99th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia. In his note, Trump wrote that Estonia was a “valued ally, friend, and leader in promoting strong transatlantic ties”.

Next president could be chosen by electoral college

21.02.17 ... A working group of the coalition that is discussing possible changes to the presidential election procedure is considering a constitutional amendment that would dispose of the three ballot rounds in the Riigikogu, and instead have the electoral college choose the head of state.

Britain wants strong EU also after Brexit, says minister

20.02.17 ... The United Kingdom wishes the European Union to remain strong also after the UK has exited it, and continues to be interested in the contribution of talented Europeans to the British economy, the country’s minister for exiting the EU, David Davis, said in Tallinn on Monday.

Tallinn hospital still requires paper referrals for some procedures

20.02.17 ... Despite the fact that Estonia has largely long since switched over to digital prescriptions, referrals and other e-health solutions, some patients at one Tallinn hospital are still being turned away if they don't have paper referrals.

Terras promoted to rank of general

20.02.17 ... President Kersti Kaljulaid has promoted the commander of the Estonian Defence Forces (EDF), Lt. Gen. Riho Terras, to the rank of general.

Special committee condemns Rosimannus' Arsenal deal

20.02.17 ... The special committee called to look into the selling of the formerly state-owned Arsenal property to a business in which a prominent Reform Party member held a silent option has taken the point of view that politicians shouldn’t be allowed involvement in this kind of transaction.

MP: Estonia supports Kosovan aspirations towards EU integration

20.02.17 ... All of the Western Balkans needed attention, and those countries who aligned themselves with the European Union needed confirmation that they would continue to receive the union’s support, MP Keit Pentus-Rosimannus (Reform) said in the Kosovan capital of Pristina on Monday.

Times: UK considering allocating development aid to Baltic states

20.02.17 ... The British government is discussing a possibility to divert part of its aid to Asian and African countries to Central and Eastern Europe instead, including the Baltic states. The policy would be an attempt to get a better Brexit deal, British daily The Times reported on Monday.

Interior Minister nominates Kätlin Alvela to head emergency call center

20.02.17 ... Minister of the Interior Andres Anvelt will propose that the government confirm Kätlin Alvela, current director of a Police and Border Guard Board (PPA) bureau, director general of the Alarm Center, Estonia's emergency call center.

Support for independents in polls growing, survey shows

20.02.17 ... Electoral alliances and independent candidates could expect to get 29 percent of the vote, and the top ranked party, Center, 27 percent of the vote if local elections were to be held tomorrow, a survey conducted by Kantar Emor for BNS and daily Postimees last week showed.

Minister falls victim to Russian propaganda

20.02.17 ... Over the last weeks, the Estonian platform of Sputnik published two interviews with Minister of Education and Research Mailis Reps (Center). Interviews she never gave Sputnik, as Reps confirmed to daily Postimees. On the contrary, she had never even communicated with the agency.

Baltic presidents meet with US Vice President Pence

19.02.17 ... President Kersti Kaljulaid along with her Latvian and Lithuanian counterparts met with U.S. Vice President Mike Pence in Munich on Saturday. The meeting focused on security issues and confirmed the close mutual co-operation between the USA and Europe as well as the Baltic states.

Justice ministry wants to ramp up background checks

19.02.17 ... The Ministry of Justice has submitted a draft bill for review that would make background checks of individuals performing duties of public authority more systematic than they are performed now.

Demand for Estonian visas drops for third year in a row

18.02.17 ... While demand for Estonian visas declined for the third consecutive year in 2016, there are signs that the decline may be coming to a halt, it appears from data available from Estonia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

WHO ranks Estonia among countries to eliminate measles, rubella

18.02.17 ... The World Health Organization (WHO) has listed Estonia among the countries which have eliminated endemic measles and rubella.

UK's Brexit minister to visit Estonia next week

18.02.17 ... David Davis, the U.K.'s Secretary of State for Exiting the EU, is scheduled to make a brief visit to Estonia on Monday.

Health fund gives healthcare workers month to sign collective agreement

18.02.17 ... The supervisory board of the Estonian Health Insurance Fund did not support the healthcare sector's proposal to increase its workers' wages before concluding a collective agreement, giving them one month to sign one.

Independence Day flag-raising ceremony to return to Governor's Garden

18.02.17 ... The Chancellery of the Riigikogu has decided that the traditional morning flag-raising ceremony on Feb. 24, Estonia's Independence Day, will return to its original location in the Governor's Garden next to Toompea Castle.

Chancellor of justice deems alcohol excise duty hikes unconstitutional

17.02.17 ... Estonia's Chancellor of Justice Ülle Madise has judged the accelerated increases in excise duty rates on light alcoholic beverages to be unconstitutional as they violate the freedom of enterprise and the principle of legitimate expectation.

Appeals court upholds copyright infringement ruling against Center Party

17.02.17 ... Tallinn Circuit Court on Friday upheld the ruling of a first-tier court whereby Estonia's Center Party and nonprofit MTÜ Vaba Ajakirjandus, which publishes the party's newsletter Kesknädal, must pay photographer Jill Greenberg €12,000 for unauthorized use of her work.

Kaljulaid to speak on Munich Security Conference panel on Saturday evening

17.02.17 ... Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid will speak on an English-language panel at the 53. Munich Security Conference at 6 p.m. Estonian time on Saturday. The panel will be streamed live on the conference website.

Marina Kaljurand to chair high-level cyber security commission

17.02.17 ... Estonia's former Minister of Foreign Affairs Marina Kaljurand will chair a high-level commission, set to be announced at the Munich Security Conference this weekend, focused on the stability of cyberspace, daily Postimees wrote.

Healthcare sector seeks pay hike without collective agreement

17.02.17 ... Organizations representing the Estonian healthcare sector have reached an agreement on a pay increase without concluding a collective agreement and which must be approved by the Health Insurance Fund to be implemented.

Krištafovitš to run for chairman of Free Party

17.02.17 ... Jevgeni Krištafovitš, one of the leaders of the internal opposition in Estonia's Free Party, has announced his candidacy for the position of party chairman ahead of the party convention to be held in April.

Ministry: Resettlement of refugees from Turkey is complicated

17.02.17 ... The resettlement of war refugees from Turkey to Estonia is still complicated and the proceedings are slow, the Ministry of the Interior said on Thursday.

Kaljulaid to German paper: American expectations justified Updated 12:02

17.02.17 ... In an interview with German paper “Die Welt” published on Friday, President Kersti Kaljulaid said that she was confident in Germany as a leading country in European politics, and that cooperation in terms of sanctions as well as defense continued to be essential.

Identity document renewals causing long lines at PPA offices

17.02.17 ... Long lines have formed at the Police and Border Guard Board's (PPA) two Tallinn service points in Lasnamäe and Mustamäe in recent weeks, indicating the arrival of a larger wave of identity document renewals.
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