Putin, a Literary Hero

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, a myth and a hero Photo: Reuters/Scanpix
2/25/2011 5:13 PM
Category: Culture

How does literature view Vladimir Putin?

Is the Russian PM's profile suitable for starring in novels? Do Russian authors use him as a source of inspiration? All these questions received answers on February 25 by Dr. Andrei Rogatchevski, who gave an open lecture at Tallinn University about Vladimir Putin's appearances in multiple literary works.

Professor at the Department of Slavonic Studies of the University of Glasgow, Dr. Rogatchevski spoke at a conference titled "Putin in Russian Fiction," where he described how Putin has occupied main and secondary roles in a variety of literary genres in Russia, including novels, essays, biographies, and even fairy tales. According to Rogatchevski, all these uses of Putin serve as "a projection of people's fears and hopes" around Putin as a political leader.

Rogatchevski also said that contrary to the prevalent Western belief, satirical descriptions of Putin in Russia are indeed possible. "The Russian administration doesn't care so much about paper publications; Russia's leaders only care about television," he said.