1934 Kroon Crowned King of Coins in Contest (1)

3/19/2012 1:42 PM
Category: Culture

A copper-alloy kroon from 1934 has been deemed the prettiest coin ever to be in circulation in Estonia.

Around 13,000 people gave their votes in an online contest that went from February 20 to March 15.

The 1934 kroon consists of 92 percent copper, 6 percent aluminum, and 2 percent nickel, according to numismatics specialist Ivar Leimus. It displays a Hanseatic ship on one side and the three-lion Estonian coat of arms on the other.

"The final result was somewhat surprising because another one-kroon coin from 1933 had been in the lead in the beginning, and despite the fact that the [coin from 1933] is considered to be one of the prettiest in Estonia among numismatists, it ended up in second,” Monica Kitsing, a contest organizer and collectible coins specialist, told uudised.err.ee

Other candidates in the contest were Estonia's oldest coin, a bracteate minted during the rule of the Danish king Valdemar II, circa 1220, a Johann I Vyffhusen ortug (1364-1373), a Wolter von Plettenberg farthing (1515), a Haapsalu farthing minted by Magnus of Holstein (1562), a Queen Cristina ducat minted in Tallinn (1650), 5 marks (1926) and 2 kroons (1930).


Ott Tammik

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