's weekly recommendations: Aug. 15-21

A concert held at the Tartu Song Festival Grounds in honor of the anniversary of Estonia's reestablishment of independence. August 20, 2013. (Aili Sarapik/Private library)
8/17/2016 2:17 PM
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Weekly recommendations for cultural events taking place in Estonia this week as curated by and published in the Culture critics’ blog at

This week, present you with art, urbanism, fairs, cucumbers, films, Estonia's birthday and the country's smallest cultural festival. Enjoy!

Wednesday, Aug. 17 - Saturday, Aug. 20

Urban Festival "Uit"


 "Uit" is an international festival with shows, installations, tours and concerts studying Tartu's urban space, making us notice both new and old, common and extraordinary places and the way the city breathes and hums with life.

Friday, Aug. 19 - Saturday, Aug. 20

II RuhnuRahu Festival

Ruhnu Island

Taking place at the end of August, RuhnuRahu is Estonia’s smallest culture festival from organisers to organisers, guests to locals, and vice vera. RuhnuRahu joins music, theatre, film, discussions, art, cultural heritage of Ruhnu, workshops and chat rooms, and friendly people for two late August days. There is space for up to 150 people on the extra boat trip to RuhnuRahu this year.

Friday, Aug. 19 - Sunday, Aug. 21

White Lady Festival


On the weekend closest to the August full moon, Haapsalu's old town transforms into a buzzing marketplace where the vibrant culture program lasts from dusk until dawn, and as soon as it gets dark, open-air performances of the White Lady take place.

Friday, Aug. 19 - Saturday, Aug. 27

Kõrvemaa movie nights

Kõrvemaa, Järva County

Kõrvemaa movie nights captivate the audience in wild places starting from Estonia’s most important bomb shelter and ending with the beautiful Kakerdaja swamp. The films have been carefully selected to blur the border between the screen and reality.

Saturday, Aug. 20

Pickle Festival

Tahku Tare, Tahkuranna Parish, Pärnu County

Cucumber, fish and handicraft have been important elements in the daily life of the seaside people. At this festival, which is taking place during the height of the pickled cucumber season, one can taste exciting pickle preserves, buy local food and handicraft, listen and sing along to folk songs, participate in workshops and make handicrafts oneself.

Film Roll Festival

Old Equipment Shelter, Järva-Jaani, Järva County

For the first time, the Film Roll Festival will be taking place at the Järva-Jaani Cinema Museum and Old Equipment Shelter (Vanatehnika varjupaik in Estonian), inviting all film lovers to pay respects to timeless cinema and film culture. The mood of the evening will be fostered by DJs from party series VÄLK.

Our Anniversary Party

Tartu Song Festival Grounds

August 20 is the day on which Estonia celebrates the restoration of its independence in 1991. This year, we can proudly assert that we have been free again for a quarter of a century already. Let's celebrate it together on Aug. 20 with a big concert at the Tartu Song Festival Grounds!

Saturday, Aug. 20 - Sunday, Aug. 21

Mandala Festival 2016

Sakala Center, Viljandi

The Mandala Festival will be taking place for the first time in Estonia. It is an event aimed at creating beauty and harmony in people, our environment and society. The majority of the festival is free of charge for those interested. The festival’s paid program, which will take place in Viljandi’s Sakala Center, includes lectures and workshops.

Sunday, Aug. 21


Karilatsi, Kõlleste Parish, Põlva County

The Ecofestival guides people towards an enivronmentally friendly lifestyle. The festival's program includes seminars, workshops, nature tours and a family day with a local produce fair and entertainment program.

Ongoing - Wednesday, Aug. 31

Exhibition of contemporary Estonian painting “Big Painting”
Evald Okas Museum, Haapsalu

This exhibition was inspired by the children’s book “Big Painting” (1971), which influenced the current generation of innovators in contemporary Estonian painting, including Merike Estna, Kristi Kongi, Laura Põld, Mihkel Ilus, Mart Vainre, Marie Kõljalg. In this cult children’s book, together with which several generations have grown up, humankind invites an artist to redesign the world.

Ongoing - Saturday, Dec. 31

"Treasures of the Earth": An interactive science exhibit

Energy Discovery Center, Tallinn

What is inside the Earth? “Treasures of the Layered Earth” is an interactive science exhibit that introduces visitors to the world of crystals, semiprecious stones, jewels, historical treasure troves, skeletons and fossils of prehistoric creatures.

Editor: Aili Sarapik

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  • foto
    Council of Europe film co-production fund holds fall meeting in Tallinn

    The Eurimages Board of Management, which meets four times per year in different cities around Europe, is holding its 2016 fall meeting in Tallinn from Oct. 17-21, having brought with it over 50 top-level decision-makers to the Estonian capital.

  • foto
    15th contemporary music festival brings European talent to Estonia

    The AFEKT International Contemporary Music Festival brings European composers to Estonian audiences for the 15th year running, along with "Multimedia Composition: Fine Arts and New Technologies," a dynamic and engaging two-day conference that will cross-reference works and composers from this year’s festival.

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    Italian cinema in Kumu: Ever been to the moon?

    Giulia (Liz Solari) lives and works in Rome and Paris. She’s in her thirties and has already had a successful career working for a top fashion magazine. Giulia is quite convinced she has everything she could ever wish for — until she meets Renzo (Raoul Bova).

  • foto
    The Cap and Bells: William Butler Yeats in Estonian music

    On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the 1916 Eastern Rising in Ireland, a group of Estonian artists decided to make a piece of Irish culture the centre of their efforts this year. Their project, "The Cap and Bells", is the third great effort to bring the work of W. B. Yeats closer to an Estonian audience, and a voyage through Yeats' poetry as well as contemporary music, dance, and film.

  • foto
    The unbearable emptiness of pretending

    Vallo Toomla’s debut film “Pretenders” tells the story of Anna (Mirtel Pohla) and Juhan (Priit Võigemast), who spend a holiday at the country house of their rich friends to mend their relationship. However, the situation is far from an intimate idyll and, as if this wasn’t enough, they take in a couple caught in a storm, who think they are the owners of the house.

  • foto
    Kertu Saks appointed new director of Cultural Endowment of Estonia

    The Supervisory Board of the Cultural Endowment of Estonia has appointed Kertu Saks its new director; she will assume office on Nov. 14.

  • foto
    Minimum salary for culture, arts employees with higher degree to rise to €942 in 2017

    Following a decision of the government, the minimum salary of employees in the culture sector that have a higher education degree will be raised to €942 in 2017. To compensate for the step, the Ministry of Culture will reallocate more than a million euros.

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    Authors find penal code section prosecuting Kender should be reworded

    Members of the Estonian Writers’ Union (EKL) issued a public statement in which they found that the wording of the section of the Penal Code on the production of child pornography, which led to the prosecution of author Kaur Kender, should be changed.

  • foto
    The chair of happiness: Italian film cycle in Kumu continues

    Bruna runs a beauty salon, but is chronically strapped for cash. When a dying client confesses to her that she has hidden a small fortune in jewels in the seat of a chair, Bruna decides to go for it.

  • foto
    Film production complex to be built in Tallinn by 2018

    Estonian movie makers have established a joint venture called Tallinn Film Wonderland to build a film industry hub in Tallinn’s Kopli district by the end of 2018.

  • foto
    Elmo Nüganen awarded Baltic Star in St. Petersburg

    Estonian actor and director Elmo Nüganen was presented with the International Baltic Star Award for the development and consolidation of humanitarian links in the Baltic region. Nüganen received the award at a ceremony in the Hermitage Theatre in St. Petersburg, Russia, on Oct. 3.

  • foto
    Where did all the euros go?

    The Museum of Estonian Architecture opened its “Where did all the euros go?” exhibition on Wednesday. It looks at the different projects funded with contributions by the European Union between 2006 and 2015.

  • foto
    Ministry of Culture envisions city library in Narva's former Lutheran cathedral

    A meeting is set to take place at the Ministry of Culture on Wednesday at which the ministry will present options for the future use of St. Alexander's Cathedral in Narva to representatives of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church (EELK), the City of Narva and the Ministry of the Interior; the preferred route is to turn the cathedral into a library.

  • foto
    Tartmus: Who creates the city?

    A newly opened exhibition at the Tartu Art Museum ponders the question of who it is that creates a city. The exhibition consists of contemporary artwork representing the notable locations of Tartu and how the face of the city is shaped.

  • foto
    EV100 visual identity competition: Winning entry presented

    On Monday the winning entry of the EV100 competition was presented. The task was to create a proposal for a visual identity of Estonia’s 100-year jubilee in 2018 as well as a brand for the country’s upcoming European Union presidency next year. The winning proposal by Estonian agency Identity bears a striking resemblance to a Californian skateboard chain.

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    Stay in town or leave Tallinn to discover the less well-known parts of the country, this week looks very promising. From an exhibition of daring architectural ideas to traditional music and contemporary art, Estonia has a lot to offer also this week.

  • foto
    Lutheran archbishop offended by national museum exhibit

    The head of the Estonian Lutheran church, Archbishop Urmas Viilma, said that while he finds the exhibit displayed in the new building of the Estonian National Museum (ERM) to be rich in content, an interactive piece displayed there to illustrate 16th century iconoclasm hurt the feelings of Christians.

  • foto
    Gallery: Estonian National Museum opens to public

    Following its Thursday evening gala opening, the Estonian National Museum — 107 years in the making and ten years in the building — finally opened its doors to the general public at 10 a.m. on Saturday, offering services and information initially in Estonian, English and Russian and boasting hours' worth of exhibits which include plenty of things for visitors of all ages to look at, listen to, watch, read and even touch.

  • foto
    Estonian National Museum hosts opening gala ahead of Oct. 1 opening

    The Estonian National Museum, 107 years in the making and a decade in the building, hosted its opening gala in the northern Tartu district of Raadi on Thursday night. While the museum only opens to the public on Saturday, Oct. 1, Thursday's well-attended gala, interwoven by an Ivar Põllu and Gerda Kordemets production based on the museum's permanent exhibition on Estonian culture, gave attendees and the media alike a preview of what's in store for museum visitors.

  • foto
    Art on screen at the Kumu Art Film Festival

    Following the success of last year’s event, the Kumu Art Film Festival (KuFF) is returning for a second time to the Kumu Art Museum in Tallinn. This exciting new festival explores the relationship between art and film and is the only culture event of its kind to do so in Estonia.

  • foto
    Estonia's film production aid scheme budget to double to €1m

    According to the 2017 state budget as agreed upon by the Estonian government on Tuesday and introduced to the Riigikogu for approval on Wednesday afternoon, next year's culture budget will include an increase of the foreign capital-based film and TV series production aid scheme of pilot project Film Estonia to one million euros.

  • foto
    Chamber Choir Sireen launches new record

    Estonian Chamber Choir Sireen recently launched its debut album "Terra Incognita" with a special concert at the House of the Blackheads in Tallinn's medieval Old Town. The album, the recording and release of which was financed via Estonian crowdsourcing platform Hooandja, includes songs performed by the women's chamber choir in English, Estonian, Russian as well as Hebrew. Ave Palm of Estonian cultural blog provided an overview of Sireen's recent release.

  • foto
    Contemporary Italian film in Kumu: 'Italo' by Alessia Scarso

    “Italo” is inspired by the true story of a dog that was adopted by a whole Sicilian town. A stray dog arrives that at first nobody wants to have around. But ten-year-old Meno, who since his mother’s disappearance has seemed disconnected from the rest of the world, finds a friend in Italo.

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  • foto
    (M)uchenik: manipulator or martyr?

    Kirill Serebrennikov’s film “(M)uchenik” (“(М)ученик” in Russian) speaks about a student, Veniamin, who gradually turns into a radical follower of the bible, manipulating people and justifying all his ideas and actions with quotes from the holy book.

  • foto
    ‘Occupy Opera’ spurned by Latvian conductor as socialist nostalgia to play on Wall Street

    Eugene Birman’s opera “State of the Union”, referred to by some as the “Occupy Opera,” was canceled in the eleventh hour by a Latvian conductor for its supposed anti-capitalist sentiment. It will now play on Wall Street on Oct. 6.

  • foto
    ‘American Summer’: Finally a good Estonian comedy

    Rain Rannu’s “American Summer” was made with modest means, but the film doesn’t leave a cheap impression at all. A fast-moving comedy, it depicts the lives of booksellers, which would almost make it a documentary, if it weren’t for the acting, which at times is deliberately over the top.