Amateur Deli Chefs Challenge Longest Sandwich Record

Photo: AP/Scanpix
12/10/2010 4:06 PM
Category: Culture

On December 10, teams made up of Tallinn's Kristiine shopping centre staff, celebs and media personages join forces to make the longest sandwich in Estonian history.

Each team gets to make a 5- to 10-meter section of the 185-meter long mega sandwich using their choice of fillings provided by one of the local deli shops. Shoppers will then be invited to help consume the sandwich, as well as donate their loose change to the Food Bank as a small sign of appreciation.

The nation's previous sandwich length record dates from 1998 when a 183.6-metre snack was created using 350 loaves of white bread, 60 kilograms of mayonnaise, 18 kg of ham, 22 kg of cheese, 18 kg of salami, 45 kg of tomatoes, 26 kg of cucumbers, 20 kg of bell peppers and 25 kg of lettuce.

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