Birmingham Schools' Orchestra Touring Estonia

Photo: ERR
4/11/2012 9:42 AM
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This week, the 85-member Birmingham Schools' Symphony Orchestra is making its way though Estonia on a tour that will see it perform in three of the nation's principal concert houses.

The orchestra, comprised of students aged 14 to 18 who attend schools in Birmingham, gave its first performance in Jõhvi on April 9. The program included "The Wasps" by Vaughan Williams, "Viola Concerto" by William Walton and Shostakovich's "Symphony No. 5."

On April 11 and 12, respectively, the orchestra will perform the same repertoire at the Estonia Concert Hall in Tallinn and the University of Tartu's assembly hall.

Shostakovich composed his symphony in 1937, a time of some of the Soviet Union's most brutal repressions. The orchestra's conductor Michael Seal told ETV that, as there might be people in the audience who have been directly exposed to Soviet repressions, it is very important that the orchestra captures the exact sound of the era. 

Ingrid Teesalu

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