Estonia to Pick First 5 Eurovision Finalists Tonight

Eesti Laul is known for attracting some eccentric performers, including this example from the upcoming semis. Photo: ERR
2/15/2013 4:10 PM
Category: Entertainment

The first semifinal of Eesti Laul, the competition that determines who will represent Estonia at this year's Eurovision Song Contest, will be held at ETV studios on Saturday evening.

The televised semifinal kicks off the most active phase of the much-followed contest. During the show, a combination of jury and televoter points will decide which five hopefuls will be eliminated and which five will compete, along the winners of the second semifinal, in the grand final on March 2.

Entries in the February 16 semifinal are as follows:

1. "Young Girl" by Armastus. Authors: Jaan Tätte Jr., Taavi Tulev.
2. "Moving To Mmm" by Marilyn Jurman. Authors: Marilyn Jurman, Karl Kanter.
3. "Meiecundimees üks Korsakov läks eile Lätti" (Our Homeboy Korsakov Went to Latvia Yesterday) by Winny Puhh. Authors: Silver Lepaste, Indrek Vaheoja.
4. "Taevas valgeks läeb" (When the Sky Grows Light) by Sarah. Authors: Sirli Hiius, Mathura.
5. "Ring the Alarm" by Teele & Tuuli & Ula. Authors: Priit Uustulnd, Teele Viira.
6. "Follow Me" by Rosanna Lints. Authors: Rolf Roosalu, Mattias Hapsal, Kristel Aaslaid.
7. "Päästke noored hinged" (Save Young Souls) by Grete Paia. Authors: Grete Paia, Sven Lõhmus.
8. "Enough" by Elina Born. Authors: Stig Rästa, Fred Krieger.
9. "Suuda öelda ei" (Can't Say No) by Kõrsikud. Author: Kõrsikud.
10."The Missing Thing" by Anisa. Authors: Pearu Paulus, Ilmar Laisaar, Alar Kotkas, Jana Hallas.

Video clips for all 20 semifinalist entries can be seen here. Candidates were chosen from a starting pool of 157 entries submitted at the end of last year.

Anu Välba, presenter of the current affairs program "Ringvaade," will host tonight's show.

The Eurovision Song Contest 2013 will be held in Mälmo, Sweden in mid-May.

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