Young Entrepreneur: Our Generation is More International, More Ethical (5)

isePankur founder and CEO Pärtel Tomberg Photo: Postimees/Scanpix
5/20/2013 10:36 AM
Category: Economy

Hitting back at media mogul Hans H. Luik’s remarks last week that his generation of businessmen had more alpha qualities, isePankur CEO Pärtel Tomberg said that the entrepreneurs of today are more international and less inclined to corruption than their predecessors.

“The younger generation is more educated, as the universities which they have attended are at a higher level. The training is also better, as many get that abroad,” Tomberg told Äripäev on Friday.

“What those alpha males got up to in the 90s, what businesses they built, aren’t competitive now. They aren’t even legal,” said Tomberg, adding that his generation is less inclined to go gung-ho, as they do not want to participate in illegal activities.

Tomberg said that the environment is completely different today, as there are no state enterprises to be privatized for pennies, nor is it easy to found new banks.

The most significant difference between the generations, according to Tomberg, is that the current crop of Estonian businessmen think internationally - they plan to expand beyond Estonia’s borders.

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