Perpetual Export Revolution

Photo: ERR
3/10/2011 11:20 AM
Category: Economy

Enterprise Estonia's export revolution program moved to the next phase on March 9 as over 200 selected candidates and 30 representatives from exporting companies gathered in Tallink Hotel for the first job interviews.

Interest has been high, with the field of candidates numbering 500 in the beginning.

Enterprise Estonia says the export manager truing program will be a necessity until schools launch master's degree programs in the field of export, ETV reported.

The rules for today's event were simple - 200 candidates had one hour to meet the industry reps to agree on longer job interviews. 

The field was narrowed down to 10 candidates to talk with at greater length and perhaps sign to a one-year employment contract during training.

Training starts at the end of April. 


Kristopher Rikken

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