Government Signs Cooperation Deal With Mitsubishi (1)

Prime Minister Andrus Ansip (left) met with representatives of the Mitsubishi corporation on October 21. Photo: Courtesy of Cabinet Office
10/21/2011 2:43 PM
Category: Economy

The Cabinet signed an agreement with the Mitsubishi Corporation today for cooperation on projects in Estonia to decrease pollution and minimize energy consumption.

The two parties will conduct an assessment to determine how co-financed projects can reduce energy consumption in the country. Possible areas of interest include energy efficient buildings, renewable energy production, environmentally friendly transport, and improving island communities' access to energy resources.

“We must find smart solutions to overcome the problems associated with renewable energy,” said company vice president Akinobu Ogata.

In March, the Cabinet sold 10 million carbon credits to Mitsubishi in exchange for, among else, 507 electric cars that will be distributed among public servants and 250 charging centers to be established nationwide.

The government said the move will be a step toward its goal that 10 percent of the country's transport sector rely on renewable energy by 2020.


Ott Tammik

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