Inter-Bank, International Transactions Pause on Easter Weekend

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4/3/2012 12:54 PM
Category: Economy

Inter-bank transactions and international transactions cannot be conducted between April 6 to 9 because next weekend is sandwiched between two holidays.

The Eurozone accounting system will be closed on Good Friday, April 6, and Easter Monday, April 9. Transactions made on Friday will therefore not be completed until next Tuesday, an announcement from the Bank of Estonia said.

Policies for in-house banking transactions will vary from bank to bank.

Good Friday is also a national holiday in Estonia, but Easter Monday is not. Currently Malta, Portugal, Scotland, parts of Spain and Estonia are the only places in the EU where Easter Monday is a working day.

Last June, the government said it would not support a Centre Party proposal to make the Monday following Easter a pubic holiday, with the Justice Minister citing a lack of economic impact assessment and the Finance Minister stating that Estonian society just isn't religious enough to justify the move.


Ott Tammik

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