Baltic Grid Operators Look to Wider EU Market

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4/13/2012 9:34 AM
Category: Economy

The three Baltic countries' electricity network operators are about to launch a study into the feasibility of connecting to the much larger European Continental Network, a step that could radically change the dynamics of energy trade in the region.

Estonia's Elering, Latvia's Augstsprieguma Tikls and Lithuanian operator Litgrid are set to sign an agreement next month Swedish company Gothia Power AB, the lowest of three bidders in the tender to carry out the research, Elering announced on April 12.

The study, which is due to be complete by fall of 2013, will look into the technical requirements for making the connection to the EU’s internal electricity market as well as analyze the costs and benefits of going through with the move, Elering said.

Half of the 1.25 million euro cost of the study will be covered by EU funds, with the remainder to be split between the three operators.

Steve Roman

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