Pilots Say Airline's Attitude 'Unconstructive'

28.12.2012 14:45
Category: Economy

The airline pilots union has refuted Estonian Air's intimation that the national carrier is open to seeking solutions to a labor dispute at the negotiating table, and claimed that the airline is only looking for strikebreakers.

According to Estonian Airline Pilots Association chairman Rauno Menning, the airline's management has not contacted them since the strike was announced December 21 and was not seeking ways of averting the strike.

"Our goal is not to cause inconveniences for passengers and the company but to sign a collective agreement," said Menning on uudised.err.ee.

He said Estonian Air's desire to involve the state conciliator meant a return to 2009 and was "unconstructive."

Menning said the last time the state conciliator was involved, the process broke down.

"Stalling tactics are not acceptable for us, as on February 9 the current collective agreement expires," he said.

Estonian Air CEO Jan Palmer said today in Äripäev that the company, besides making plans to fill in for striking pilots, was also looking for ways of averting the stoppage, which is set for January 7.   

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