Trains to Stop in Their Tracks on March 8 (1)

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3/2/2012 10:53 AM
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A strike committee formed by three railroad workers unions confirmed on Thursday that March 8 would be day of the approaching strike.

On that date, not a single locomotive, commuter or cargo train, will be seen rolling along Estonian railroad tracks, according to Oleg Tshubarov, chairman of the Railway Workers Union.

A poll on March 1 found that 68 percent of railway workers - representing Edelaraudtee, Elektriraudtee, Estonian Railways and GoRail - will be joining the strike.

The railway workers will be showing their support for the Trade Union Confederation in a battle over reforms of a collective bargaining law. They are also taking a stand to support teachers' pay rise demands.

Under the new collective agreement law, a collective agreement becomes unbinding for the parties after its expiry.

The strike is not, however, directed toward employers in the railway industry. "The law gives workers the right to strike and employers do not have the right to threaten or force employees to work during the strike," said Tshubarov, adding that threats from employers will be noted and could possibly result in an extended strike.


Ott Tammik

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