Study: Estonian Banks' Customer Service Worst in Baltics (12)

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4/10/2012 12:05 PM
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The level of customer service dished out in Estonia's banks is not quite up to snuff compared to that provided by banks in Latvia and Lithuania, a new study has found.

Based on the results of research carried out in December and January, the Dive performance measurement agency gave Latvia's banking sector an 89 percent satisfaction rating, Lithuania's an 87 percent rating and Estonia's a mere 79 percent.

The agency used a mystery shopper methodology to rate the banks' service levels, sending customers into bank branches in major cities and making a total of 260 evaluations.

In Estonia, the top performers for customer service were Swedbank and Sampo Bank, followed by Bigbank and SEB, the agency said in a statement.

The agency also noted that Estonia's overall rating was brought down by the two banks, which it did not name, which came out at the bottom of the list.

Problems the evaluators found included service representatives not greeting customers properly "but simply looking at them, gaping," not saying goodbye, not being familiar with the products their bank is offering, giving out incorrect information and suggesting they turn to competing banks for help.

Steve Roman

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