National Carrier Disclaims Danish Media Speculation

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4/3/2012 12:55 PM
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Estonian Air has denied the claims floated in Danish media that the company has come under police investigation in Denmark because of a missing deposit.

Äripäev, quoting, wrote on Monday that the Danish Travel Guarantee Fund, with which all tour operators must be registered in order to operate in the country, had said Estonian Air was one of several companies that had not filed a deposit.

Estonian Air's public relations director Ilona Eskelinen said today that the core of the matter is in the difference in two countries' financial regulations. However, "any claims of an imminent investigation by authorities are untrue," she said. While the carrier has a valid, fixed-term letter of guarantee issued by Swedbank, the Danish insurance fund is requiring a perpetual guarantee.

Estonian Air filed a registration application with the Danish travel insurance fund in September 2011 but the fund did not then accept the fixed-term guarantee from Swedbank. The fund requested a perpetual guarantee of the type that Swedbank does not provide and that is not required in other countries, Eskelinen said.

She once again confirmed the fact that Estonian Air had reached a satisfactory solution with the Travel Guarantee Fund, and the matter should be resolved next week at the latest.

Erkki Sivonen

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