Tallinn to Merge Transport Agencies, Bus Lines Replace Some Trolleys (4)

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3/23/2012 11:21 AM
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The City of Tallinn plans to merge the municipal companies responsible for the city's bus, tram and trolley services by September.

Currently, Tallinn's buses are operated by one company while trams and trolleys are operated by another.

One of the largest changes resulting from the merger will be a reduced number of trolley routes, which will be replaced with buses, Toomas Sepp, executive director of the municipal tram and trolleybus company, told Postimees. This year and next year, 47 trolleys - around 40 percent of the city's trolley fleet - will be put out of service and replaced by buses.

Trams, on the other hand, will not disappear anytime soon, as the national government recently decided to buy new trams and rebuild a fourth route with revenue from the sale of carbon credits.

In April, the City Government will draft a merger agreement, which will be reviewed by parties and approved by the City Council in May.


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