Eesti Post Enters Parcel Terminal Market

The Post24 machines will not be influenced by the price hike. (Eesti Post)
8/3/2011 2:15 PM
Category: Economy

Thirty-six automated parcel terminals operated by the national postal service Eesti Post will start service in the second half of August, putting the state-owned company in competition with privately-owned Smart Post, which has 46 similar machines.

The self-service machines will allow users to send packages to post offices across the country or to other parcel terminals. The option of courier deliveries is also available, Eesti Post said.

In addition, larger internet stores have signed cooperative agreements with Eesti Post to allow customers to receive mail-ordered goods at parcel terminals close to their homes.

By mid-August, Eesti Post plans to have finished intalling the 19 parcel terminals it has designated for Tallinn. The rest have already been placed in towns across the country.

According to Eesti Post, their terminals can be placed outdoors and are available for usage around the clock, which is not the case with the machines of their competitor.


Ingrid Teesalu

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