Art Students to Rally in Support of New Building

2/20/2012 12:00 PM
Category: Education

A students' social network initiative calls for supporters of the Art Academy's new building to come out en masse on Tuesday evening to form a human chain around the construction site.

The troubled project has been delayed since fall due to disputes with neighboring property owners who are still concerned that the highrise will block sunlight from their homes. The Archimedes Foundation's decision to pull its promised 12-million-euro funding of the construction, citing lack of building permit, was another major setback for the academy. 

According to the demonstrators' Facebook page, students, faculty, staff members, alumni and other supporters of the project are all welcome to join the demonstration. Organizers say that the aim of the rally is to show tangible public support to the new building. 

"A candle will be handed down from one end of the chain and everyone can place their wishes and thoughts into it regarding the construction of the building," the organizers say. The last person in the chain will use it to light a hot air lantern that will float up into the sky at the planned construction site. 

The rally will be called off if fewer than 200 supporters show up, the organizers say. 


Ingrid Teesalu

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