Another Non-Affiliated MP Chooses Sides (1)

12/12/2013 10:50 AM
Category: Politics

In the second move of its type in recent days, MP Deniss Boroditsh has joined the Reform Party, boosting the ruling party's presence in Parliament.

Boroditsh, a former deputy mayor of Tallinn, was among nine lawmakers to exit the Center Party over political infighting last year, and has since been part of a loose faction of party-less MPs who have recently begun picking sides. Last week, another MP in the group, Rainer Vakra, joined the Social Democrats, and the Center Party chairman's ex-wife, MEP Vilja-Savisaar Toomast, joined the Reform Party in the summer.

"I must admit that the decision to continue in politics came after lengthy consideration because there were several interesting opportunities on the horizon in the private sector. Considering the experience in my baggage, I decided to contribute to the development of the Estonian Republic and join the Reform Party," Boroditšh was quoted as saying by

Boroditsh said that, having held leadership positions for a long time, he has always admired people and groups that have the courage to make difficult, often unpopular, but necessary decisions. The Reform Party is an example of that, he said, having successfully brought Estonia out of the last economic crisis.

"Taking into account what is going on elsewhere in Europe, that is a really big achievement," Boroditsh said.

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