Officials in Contact with India in 'Seaman Guard' Case

12/11/2013 3:16 PM
Category: Society

In India for a cyber security conference from December 9-11, Justice Minister Hanno Pevkur said he has spoken to Indian government officials over the ongoing Seaman Guard Ohio investigation.

The anti-piracy vessel was seized by Indian authorities in October and its crew members, including 14 Estonians, have been detained on suspicion of illegal arms transport.

Estonian Consul in New Delhi Margus Särglepp will meet with the Estonians tomorrow, reported ETV. An Indian court delayed a judgement on whether to grant bail on Monday.

"I would like to interpret [the delay] as a positive sign that the court is reviewing every aspect very thoroughly. It definitely shows the great complexity of the matter," Särglepp said.

The justice minister is in India for an IT and cyber security conference held by WITACS, a New Delhi-based IT and cyber security advisory firm.

Pevkur met with India's enterprise minister, Sachin Pilot, while a planned meeting with India's justice and IT minister, Kapil Sibal, was canceled due to a scheduling conflict.

Pevkur also attended a roundtable held by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

Issues of discussion on Pevkur's agenda included corruption, e-governance, transparency, public-private partnership and investment in Estonia.

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