German Military Vehicles Shipped to Estonia

A Mercedes-Benz 250 GD 'Wolf', converted into a medical evacuation vehicle Photo: Wikimedia Commons
12/22/2010 4:15 PM
Category: Politics

A large consignment of utility vehicles and trucks from Germany will be used to supply the Estonian defense forces wartime units.

Most of the trucks that arrived in Estonia are Mercedes-Benz UNIMOGs, and the majority of the UNIMOGs are medical evacuation trucks. Mercedes-Benz 250 GD trucks make up another sizable lot.

A small quantity of Mercedes-Benz 609D medical evacuation buses and three MAN 4520 tactical trucks were also delivered. 
Altogether, the Defense Forces will be receiving over 400 different vehicles under agreement signed with Germany in the summer. 
The vehicles are near-new and in good condition and the procurement includes pre-delivery maintenance and repair in Germany. The value is over 4 million euros. Since 2004, when the program was launched, over 2,000 vehicles have been procured from Germany and the Netherlands.