Laaneots: Western Military Engagement Strategically Beneficial for Russia, China

Ants Laaneots (Postimees/Scanpix)
3/28/2012 12:05 PM
Category: Politics

It is in the interest of Russia and China for the West to be constantly militarily involved, according to Ants Laaneots, formerly commander-in-chief of the Defense Forces, and currently an adviser for the prime minister.

“This leaves Russia free to manipulate its post-Soviet sphere. China primarily has economic, but also other interests. It's clear that Western military intervention is supported from two sides,” said Laaneots, speaking on an evening commentary program on ETV.

One of the reasons that Russia is interested in keeping tensions alive in Syria and Iran is to manipulate the price of oil, said Laaneots. But in no way does Russia want Iran or Syria to be defeated in the conflict, allowing the West to dominate the region, he said.

"Russia is currently interested in the Central Asian countries, which have a lot of oil and gas. It does not want these resources to fall into the hands of the West. The idea is to maintain the conflict in Iran because if a long war unravels, the Central Asian countries might be forced to sell their oil and gas to Russia. It is one big global game,” the former commander said.

Laaneots said he believes that the West will not intervene in Syria in the manner of what transpired in Libya, partly because Syria has a much more powerful air defense system. Secondly, NATO and the West have been at war for a decade and the allies are fatigued, said Laaneots. Furthermore, he said, the result of the Libyan war is still unclear and the opposition forces in Syria are vague.


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