E-Voting to Get Better Trackability and Support

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2/21/2012 5:08 PM
Category: Politics

The Constitutional Committee of Parliament is introducing draft legislation that will make electronic voting more verifiable.

Among the changes in the bill to be handed over to Parliament on February 22 is a provision establishing a committee of dedicated experts in charge of e-voting, not just the main electoral committee.

Voters will also be able to check to see whether their vote was received and recorded properly. The results of e-voting will be published by each election precinct instead of by the larger election district. The bill also provides for a requirement of e-voting system audits and the possibility of suspending or canceling voting if the security of the system is not absolutely guaranteed.

The committee said the bill will improve transparency and fill in gaps in the current legislation on measures to be taken in the case of malfunctions or attacks on the system.

It also levels the playing field so that those voting with paper ballots during early voting and e-voters enjoy the same conditions.

The first election to be affected by the changes if passed will be the local elections in October 2013.

Kristopher Rikken

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