Estonia Opens Honorary Consulate in Osaka

Osaka Photo: Wikimedia Commons
10/6/2011 3:08 PM
Category: Politics

On October 6, Speaker of Parliament Ene Ergma and Estonian Ambassador to Japan Toivo Tasa participated at the opening ceremony of Estonian Honorary Consulate in Osaka.

The honorary consul, Tashichiro Harada, is a well-known entrepreneur in the catering industry and an active member of the Rotary Club. He has a degree in economics from the Keio University in Tokyo and has attended postgraduate courses in London and Hamburg.

According to the Foreign Ministry announcement, Harada is a long-standing Estophile who has hosted countless Estonian entrepreneurs on their trips to the region.

Osaka, the administrative hub of the Kansai region in the south of Japan's main island Honshu, is the third largest city in Japan and an important economic and cultural center.


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