MP: Cross-Border Cooperation with Russia Improving (1)

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2/28/2012 9:37 AM
Category: Politics

Urmas Klaas, head of the Estonia-Russia parliamentary group, has said that cross-border cooperation between the two countries is becoming more practical.

Speaking at an Estonian Independence Day reception in the Russian city of Pskov, Klaas praised cooperation by local governments on both sides and discussed upcoming, EU-funded projects aimed at improving life in the border area.

The latter include renovation of a historic manor stable in Räpina and a community hall in Pechory. The same program is also funding the improvement of the Värska-Pechory highway, which crosses the border in southeast Estonia.

Klaas also mentioned effective cooperation between the universities of Tartu and Pskov as well as a joint project by the Estonian National Opera and the Pskov Philharmonic, reported.

"Mutual effective cooperation, of course, is good for the border zones of both states, and the trust that arises in the course of work improves bilateral relations," said Klaas.


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