Publisher: Defense Forces Threatened Suppression of 'Dead Men Risen' (4)

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4/12/2012 5:38 PM
Category: Politics

An Estonian publisher has accused the Defense Forces of attempting to censor the contents of the Estonian translation of “Dead Men Risen” and threatening to block the sale of the book.

The publishing of the book, written by British journalist and army veteran Toby Harnden, was accompanied with scandal in the UK last year.

Critical of the war tactics in Afghanistan and detailing veteran accounts of post-traumatic stress, the first edition of the book was retracted from the stores in the UK as authorities demanded the removal of certain facts and names. The second edition appeared with parts blacked out.

“Dead Men Risen” also includes brief sections describing Estonian armed forces.

Publisher Martin Helme told Eesti Ekspress that the Estonian Defense Forces tried to censor the Estonian translation of the book and threatened to confiscate the print. “Peeter Tali (Chief of the Public Affairs Department Lt. Col. Peeter Tali) telephoned an editor and ordered him to take some names out and replace them with asterisks or made-up names.”

“We did not have to wait long to see the consequence - one of the publisher's previously arranged projects with the Defense League was unexpectedly dropped,” said Helme.

Tali has denied having any contact with the publisher. In a letter to Eesti Ekspress he said, “I don't wish to participate in this book's unethical sales campaign. Neither I nor the Defense Ministry has ever obstructed the publication of this book in Estonian.”


Ott Tammik

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