Tallinn to Found Russian-Language School (3)

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3/1/2012 10:08 AM
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The Tallinn City Council decided on February 29 to establish a city-funded school where students can receive free primary and secondary education in Russian.

The Tallinna Vene Lütseum, which will be set up as a foundation, will also conduct continuing education courses, Delfi reported.

The city's move is in response to the three-year transition to 60 percent Estonian-language curriculum imposed on Russian-language high schools starting this academic year, a change that has come under fire from the Centre Party-controlled Tallinn government.

In late December, the Cabinet rejected a plea by 15 upper secondary schools in Tallinn and Narva to be exempted from the transition.

Deputy Mayor Mihhail Kõlvart, who is in charge of education affairs, said at the time that the City Government would challenge the Cabinet's decision in court and mentioned the possibility of founding separate, city-funded schools for those who want to continue their studies in Russian.

Narva has made similar plans to set up a Russian-language school.

Because the schools would technically be private, they would not be subject to the state's language requirements. However, private schools in Estonia still receive substantial taxpayer funding based on their number of students.


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