Parliament Assumes Powers Over EFSF Payouts (2)

Aivar Sõerd Photo: Pärnu Postimees / Scanpix
9/29/2011 12:03 PM
Category: Politics

The debate over whether Parliament or the Cabinet should have the final say on bailout contributions under the European Financial Stability Facility has resulted in a new amendment being written into the EFSF accession bill.

Aivar Sõerd (Reform), member of the Financial Affairs Committee, said that the committee will introduce an amendment into the EFSF accession bill stipulating that Parliament will have to vote on each contribution and cannot delegate its decision powers.

Sõerd said that the Social Democrats, IRL and Reform Party had reached a compromise on the matter last night, clearing what was, according to him, the main obstacle in the road to passing the bill.

The second reading of the EFSF accession bill began on September 28.


Erkki Sivonen

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