NATO Science Conference Looks at Social Media

Photo: Courtesy of the Ministry of Defense
4/16/2012 5:38 PM
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A three-day NATO science conference focusing on the use of social media in the military kicked off today in Tallinn.

The conference, organized by the Estonian Ministry of Defense and the NATO Research and Technology Organization, has brought over 110 experts from member states to Estonia.

Speakers include experts from leading social media research centers such as the US, Canada and Germany, but also three Estonian researchers, the ministry announced in a statement.

In his opening speech, undersecretary for legal and administrative issues, Taimar Peterkop, reminded the listeners that in the 21st century, bullets and missiles are no longer the ammunition required to win a war. Instead, the dissemination of information through social media channels is taking on that role, he said.

In the second half of this week, NATO’s Human Factor and Medicine Panel (HFM) will also be holding its annual spring meeting in Tallinn - first ever to be held in Estonia, the ministry said.

The main task of the panel is to provide scientific and technological base solutions for NATO in various fields, such as military medicine and mental health to raising the well-being and performance of servicemen.

Military medicine and human factors are also among the top priorities of the Estonian defense research and development, the ministry said.


Ingrid Teesalu

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