Pro-Pussy Riot Banner Planned for Narva Castle (46)

Narva Castle, at Estonia's border with Russia Photo: Postimees/Scanpix
8/23/2012 5:21 PM
Category: Politics

Outspoken MP Juku-Kalle Raid is planning to redecorate the wall of the Narva Castle on August 24, adding an 8 meter by 24 meter banner in support of jailed members of the Russian punk-rock group Pussy Riot.

The banner, which will face the Russian side of the Narva River border and be clearly visible from Ivangorod, will bear the slogan, "You can't stop freedom!" in English, Russian and Estonian, reported.

Raid, whose actions are being supported by Russian journalist and writer Artemy Troitsky, also plans to send a letter to the Russian courts, the Russian State Duma and the Russian embassy in Tallinn in which he refers to the jailed Pussy Riot members as "prisoners of conscience" and calls for "dialog with Russian organizations and citizens who value freedom of thought and speech."

On August 17, a Moscow court sentenced three members of the band to two years in prison for an anti-Putin stunt they performed in a cathedral in February. Both the trial and the sentence have drawn fire from international human rights groups, politicians and artists as being heavy-handed and politically motivated.

Members of the Narva City Council contacted by ERR had mixed reactions to the planned banner, some opposing it on the grounds that the Pussy Riot sentencing was Russia's internal affair and others expressing indifference.


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