Parliament Speaker, Deputies Re-Elected

Parliament Chairwoman Ene Ergma Photo: Postimees/Scanpix
3/22/2012 2:23 PM
Category: Politics

There were no surprises on Thursday, when MPs in a secret vote elected the current presiding officers of Parliament back into power.

Expectedly, the coalition's candidate for the speaker's post, incumbent Ene Ergma (IRL), will continue in the position. Ergma received 53 votes, compared to 59 votes last year. The opposition candidate, Social Democrat Eiki Nestor, received 42.

“This fall, 20 years shall pass since the first parliamnetary lineup was elected following re-independence, and 20 years will pass since Eiki Nestor was first elected into this Parliament,” Sven Mikser, chairman of the Social Democratic Party, said while introducing his nominee. “Twenty years ago, all MPs were young and lacked experience, and it was justified that one such should lead the work of Parliament. Today, we fortunately have people amongst us who who have experience in lawmaking.”

The Reform Party's Laine Randjärv retained her position as vice speaker, with 49 votes, and opposition candidate Jüri Ratas, of the Centre Party, will continue as the second vice speaker, having received 45 votes.

According to the Constitution, the speaker of Parliament takes over the duties of the head of state in cases where the president is incapable of performing them either temporarily or for an extended period as decided by the Supreme Court, or his or her powers have terminated prematurely.


Ott Tammik

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