Military, Police and Maritime Administration Could Share Port

Photo: Courtesy Kaitseministeerium
11/2/2011 9:35 AM
Category: Politics

Two ministers met by the sea on November 1 to discuss the possible merger of two ports operated by the public sector.

Mart Laar, whose Ministry of Defense is in charge of the navy's Miinisadam harbor, and Juhan Parts, whose Economic Affairs Ministry manages the Hundipea port, toured both facilities on November 1 with an eye to joint use.

In future, Police and Border Guard and Navy ships and shoreline infrastructure could both be based at one state-owned port. The analysis by the Defense Ministry, Interior MInistry and Economic Affairs MInistry should be ready by the end of the year.

Laar says a country the size of Estonia should not develop three parallel ports but that the Maritime Adiminstration, Navy and Police and Border Guard could share one. "Developing joint infrastructure would save taxpayer money and instead of concrete we could invest into people and actual capabilities," he said.

Kristopher Rikken


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